05 March 2011

Pop Art Portrait Drawing Tutorial

Originally this tutorial is in “Bahasa” made by Desain Studio , I tried to translate and simplified  for more convenient reading, the tutorial is good  and simple to understand how pop art portrait drawing and coloring is made... thank you Desain Studio

Wedha known as illustrator for “Lupus” a teenager love-story novel, is also well known as the founder of WPAP (Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait) which had been published at Desain Studio (see overview here).

Wedha’s work is superb, though initially found in 1990-1991, however up to now WPAP style is becoming more and more popular. Some WPAP communities emerge through social network such as facebook, blog and in another forums. Does not want to miss the chance Desain Studio  this time try to present   How To Make WPAP Tutorial  for the reader.

In this tutorial, we will use Adobe Il
lustrator . Not a matter if using CorelDraw or Freehand, the steps are the same.