29 July 2010

Pop-art Sketch of HALLE BERRY

Pop-art graphic sketch is usually done in black and white with less details and colours

Beside is an example of popart graphic sketch of Halle Berry,  American actress, former fashion model, and beauty queen.

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27 July 2010

Pop-art Portrait Drawing "ROSSA"

In general pop-art refer to art work that use the techniques in drawing of commercial art and popular illustration. In pop-art portrait drawing work, the drawing of the face or figure in the portrait or picture is obtained by digital photo manipulation from the original portrait or drawing manually the graphic lines and shapes with reference from the portrait picture, by keeping  the gradation and shape of the flesh but with the color modified with the other tone of color so that give artistic image regarded as pop-art portrait drawing.

Pop-art Portrait Drawing "ROSSA"
Sri Rossa Roslaina Handiyani well-known as 'Rossa' is a famous Indonesian recording artist and entertainer.

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22 July 2010

Pop-art Sketch Monalisa Pic.

Example of graphical sketch from simplified Monalisa picture

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21 July 2010

Pop-art Sketch Diana 2

A kind of pop-art portrait sketch in graphic, pop-art sketch mostly done in BW with less detail and colour.

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13 July 2010

How To Make Pop-art Portrait Drawing

How to make a pop-art style portrait drawing ??.., To make a graphic image pop-art style portrait drawing is done by first making up the sketch or outlining the face of the figure in the referenced portrait or picture with lines or paths in accordance with the gradation and shape of the flesh, then fill the closed path drawing with the colour based on your inner intuition and mood as to how the pop-art drawing should appear.

I do making many trials and errors to experiment with colour mixing and combination, play my art mood to my intuition and satisfaction to get needed artistic drawing regarded as pop-art portrait drawing.

There are many techniques to use the graphic illustrator program to make pop-art style drawing, one of a good reference source for pop-art portrait drawing technique is a tutorial article in blog PopBox WPAP which explained a technique used to make pop-art graphic drawing called as “WPAP” or Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait style.

pic. of  'Adrian' my grandson

Beside is picture of my grandson 'Adrian' in WPAP pop-art style drawing, done with "inkscape" a free  source vector graphic program.

MM ver.1

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12 July 2010

Pop-art Portrait Drawing In Graphic

This blog is about pop-art portrait drawing and the service I offered to commission a pop-art portrait drawing or sketch in graphic.

To draw a pop-art portrait graphic image is not that difficult to start and what you need to do is just having a laptop or computer desktop with graphic illustrator program in it like Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw or an open source program like Inkscape. Find an image from photo or picture you are interested to have it being drawn in pop-art style drawing and then load it in your computer as digital image to be used later for a based reference source in making pop-art style portrait drawing or sketch.

Below is an example of the different results of pop-art style image drawing from a photo of “Mabel” my grand daughter. You may get the results are quite different from an artist doing pop-art portraiture drawing in a traditional way with coloured pencil as compared to doing with the vector based illustration program.

Image by ismujono via Flickr

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