12 July 2010

Pop-art Portrait Drawing In Graphic

This blog is about pop-art portrait drawing and the service I offered to commission a pop-art portrait drawing or sketch in graphic.

To draw a pop-art portrait graphic image is not that difficult to start and what you need to do is just having a laptop or computer desktop with graphic illustrator program in it like Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw or an open source program like Inkscape. Find an image from photo or picture you are interested to have it being drawn in pop-art style drawing and then load it in your computer as digital image to be used later for a based reference source in making pop-art style portrait drawing or sketch.

Below is an example of the different results of pop-art style image drawing from a photo of “Mabel” my grand daughter. You may get the results are quite different from an artist doing pop-art portraiture drawing in a traditional way with coloured pencil as compared to doing with the vector based illustration program.

Image by ismujono via Flickr

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