27 March 2012

Nyai LOROKIDUL Goddess Of The South Sea

LOROKIDUL was known as the Goddess of the south sea, a famous legend among people from Java island. Nyai Loro Kidul as a Javanese Spirit-Queen became a popular motif in traditional Javanese folklore and palace mythologies, as well as being tied in with the beauty of Sundanese and Javanese princesses.

15 March 2012

Pop-art Portrait Sketch "ROSSA"

'ROSSA' is a famous Indonesian recording artist and entertainer.

This pop-art portrait sketch is done with "INKSCAPE" vector graphic program.

Click image to download

03 March 2012

Pop-art Portrait Drawing "Unfinished Green Rose Mosaic"

The day is green, but I can not finish the simple mosaic of life.

It is no use try to hang on toward love already gone, only a fool breaks his own heart.

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